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your friendly startup guy..

karle tu


Ek he tou Life Hai

Idea tera Bright Hai

Tujhme woh Fight Hai

Karle tu


the best time.
Is now!

From the Blog

Stories and articles that make a difference. This blog is for all those who want to put a dent into the universe and dedicated for all great people who have made a difference.

Its all in the beginnings. If you make right choices in the beginning the whole journey shapes up right.

I help early stage startups/would-be entrepreneurs to take right decisions and shape up their startup.

The best time is now, The best place is India.

Being an entrepreneur is a hard choice. Though glamourized in recent years, this profession demands many sacrifices and patience. As simple as it is, either you are made for it or not. 


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Meet VAI

Entrepreneur, Dreamer , Believer.

Dreamer and Believer at heart, a genuine motivator who helps you look at the possibilities rather than adversities. 

Has started a 5star rated service in an entire new domain with zero experience. A go getter and action-mover who believes great things can happen with little changes in the way we do things.

Stuck with ideas? Got a design problem? Want to strategise GTM ? Feel free to connect.

Mission is to help startups get off the ground and scale. 

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