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5 Startup lessons from the movie Adipurush!

5 startup lessons from the movie. Last one is my fav..

Hey everyone, there is a lot of talk about a very hyped , much awaited, highly anticipated movie that didn’t really go well with audience..

Whatever it might be, an intelligent entrepreneur looks for learning’s from everything that comes by..

So here are some learning’s we can take away , helps it easy for beginners to understand the basics..

1) Have right attitude.

Making money is part of any business, it is one of the priorities but not the only priority. Providing value to your customers is an important part of any business/startups deliverables. Just because there is an opportunity does not mean one must take undue advantage of it.

On one hand the film-makers create hype about its budget and on the other hand deliver a cheap, low quality, half-cooked video that could be made in less than half of the budget.

Dont be Driven to make money, but be driven to make an impact, deliver Value.

2) Hire the best, and right talent.

Just because you have raised millions, doesnt mean you can spend it mindlessly. Hiring is a very crucial job in any Startup, it determines the success/failure and the future course. As much in comparison is how important the Casting is with the movies. Just because an actor looked good in one role/persona doesnt mean he would fit in all historic roles. Hiring must not be an emotional decision. The movie lacked in many areas - direction, script, dialogues, animation, screenplay, and so on.

If they had hired the best talent - that matches the project, the story would've been different altogether.

3) Product market Fit

Know your customers, their expectations with your product n service. Some people call it Customer-centric-design. A startups goal is to exceed the expectations, or atleast meet them.

As with this movie, the story and the characters are so close to everyones heart. People are eager to watch them come alive on large screens, but it also means that the depiction should be perfect in all its aspects.

4) MVP/Beta test and improvise before launch

Test the market with something called Minimal viable product and read the reactions/feedback, and improvise the product before launch.

As with this movie, their MVP was the trailer that was released, however they failed to read the feedback and created a low quality product anyway.

5) Know what you are doing and dig deep.

Successful startups are founded by crazy people who live, eat, sleep the Idea. They are so much into it that they have indepth knowledge about the subject. If not, they hire the experts who can guide them achieve the best.

Here I would quote Elon Musk - before launching SpaceX he did indepth study on how it could be done and had a clear understanding of making it work.

Let me know your thoughts, feel free to add your points in comments.

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