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Killing Self Doubt and winning over

FEAR - a normal human being is afraid of quiet a lot of things, few of them due to prior experience and a lot of them due to "words of wisdom" from others. To be cautious is one thing and to be afraid is another. If you are cautious you go ahead anyway and do it , however, if you are afraid of doing something, you most likely try to avoid it to your best. That’s fear.

Fear breeds self doubt. One must acknowledge self doubt and tame it. If you let it win over you, you are doomed to failure. In actuality it’s the negative self talk that hampers your chances of success. Whenever you are trying to do something, inner voice says - you cant do it, no matter how much efforts you put in. It is just so bad that even while you are practicing and putting in a lot of hard work, there is a inner voice that says, are you really going to be successful?

Good news is that we can win over this shit. How? The best possible way is Positive self talk. Another way is to visualize the scenario of being successful. And then there are physical power poses that help you stimulate confidence.

Power of positive self talk - begin your days with words such as "it’s a wonderful day", Its so beautiful, I am the best, woo hoo I rock, I am fantastic. I can do it, I will make it happen...

One of my favorite is

God is great, and I am too, YOU are the greatest and am next to YOU

Make a list of positive words and use it in your day to day talk with friends, colleagues, family or anyone you talk to. For eg. Someone says How are you? Say I am Fantastic, days cant be better…

Words such as - awesome, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, great, marvelous, champion, winner, best, extravagant, fabulous, miraculous, magical, magnificent, triumphant, ..

Words have a magical power in them, it instills confidence, brings on smile, gives you power to take the problems head on rather than shy way from.

Visualize being successful : see the big picture of you achieving your goal. See it crystal clear, see the smiles, feel the power. If you can go a step further, act as if you already have won. It wont be easy to do it but continuous practice makes it easy eventually. What this does is it eliminates the negativity thereby killing self doubt. They say "fake it until you make it" and it really works.

POWER POSES - to boost confidence. Our attitudes are often built by our behavior, the way we talk the way we move and pose. Try mimicking the body language of James bond, Tom cruise, Super man, Wonder Girl, President Obama, or any confident person you follow, see the difference in your confidence. Here are few poses to try -

Before an important meeting/performance try this (of course somewhere alone) - stretch you arms over head in V shape, put your feet wide apart as to soak up the applaud from audience.

As the mind effects our body, our body also affects our mind. Improving body language can affect your mindset and help you beating self doubt.

To read more on this amazing topic refer this BOOK by Amy Cuddy

Let me list it for you as I end this blog - try these techniques

  1. Positive self talk

  2. Visualize the success

  3. Improve body language and employ power poses to work for you

All the best! You are amazing!


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James bond - 007 website

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