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May day! Take control of your life. And Dreams..

Most of our life we spend doing things that are not really in alignment with our life's goal. Most of us have gotten used to doing things on demand. Something comes up and we are busy doing that. At job where we spend more than 60% of our adult life we are often seen spending extra hours when need arises, be it audit, or an urgent delivery coming up. It is all fine and I don’t hold you wrong for it, but this attitude has made us sheeps in the herd. Just going about doing chores of mundane tasks.

Let me ask you one thing - as a kid growing up you had so many ambitions and goals. Have you attained them all? 90% of the time the answer is NO. They get washed away in the realms of time.

Whenever I ask someone about their dreams they say - I always wanted to be someone else. When I ask them why don’t you begin now? They say, NO TIME BRO!

Hey I am no different here. 1 year back I was also leading such a life. 6 years back I left job to become an entrepreneur, got so much busy with it that I almost lost out on all other things that defined me as a person. Only thing I did was to work day and night for my startup until one day I woke up to reality. Continuously working on one thing has its own disadvantages, a little break away from work helps a lot, gets you new ideas and refreshes you.

I started this new thing in life. Each day for 1 to 2 hours I spent purely on myself. Don’t laugh. I know what your naughty mind is thinking about. This time was only about me. Alone. My thoughts, thinking and retrospecting on the things that are important. This time is about my hobbies, my dreams, the person I want to be. My memories, the good things I experienced. My phone would be mostly switched off if am not listening to my favorite podcast or audible book. This time is about learning new things I wanted to. Doing what I want to. Like writing a novel, conceptualizing a new device, blogging, singing, improving my singing, speaking skills, laughing out loud, writing jokes, anything and everything that I want to do at that time. Just free, no bounds attached, no one to ask you why you are doing it.

This simple restructuring of my life has helped me immensely. Like I felt fresh everyday. More lively. More confident. There were no depressing moments as there were used to be earliere. Problems didn’t bother me as much.

Remember, why are we doing all this circus in life? For whom? Its for the person in you, who needs to be pampered, taken care of, motivated and made happy. The most important person is the person in you.

Ok, so how to go about it ?

Pickup a time slot when you can be all alone, in silent place where you can sit/stand/walk and concentrate. The time can be early mornings or late evenings, or may be a break during work, whatever works fine with you. Most of my friends say early mornings are best if you can wake up an hour before your kids/wife/parents wake up. Or may be late nights when everyone is asleep. It purely depends on you. For me late nights work well. On the terrace of my home, walking, cool breeze making me feel all the more excited.

Stay away from phone - I mean no calls/text/facebook/tiktok/insta or any social networking. No emails of any sort. No videos/movies/series. No Youtube - unless you are learning/researching on some topic.

Things to do - positive self talk, things that you love to do, learning new skills that make you happy, may be new language, playing an instrument, ideating, writing stories/novels/blogs, reading,meditation, etc

What not to do - calling your ex ( I have said no call already but wanted to be specific, lol), working out (there is a different time to workout, this is not the time for it. This time is more on mental workout), sleeping (its no time to sleep), dwelling into past mistakes, thinking terribly about life, stay away from depressing thoughts they have exponential effect ,

Try it and let me know how it feels. Feel free to write back and share your thoughts.

Photo credits : Photo by Fuu J Photo by Hannah Olinger

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA Photo by Gift Habeshaw

Photo by Greg Rakozy

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