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Your Dreams. Period.

Your Dreams will remain so, as is, until you act to make them a reality.

We all have dreams. Some call it goals, life's' target, dream, aim, ambition etc. Simply put it is something we want to achieve, aspire to be, something we are not at present.

Your dreams are yours alone, and do not expect someone else to be seriously thinking about it or someone else would come to help and make it come true, unless and until you start working towards attaining it. Coz everybody has got their own dreams to worry about, alright.

A lot of people say my dream is to be this, is to go there, is to make this and that, but sadly they tend to look at them as fantasy that would never come true. Sometimes the dream is so big that they get overwhelmed by it. Sometimes sadly they do not know how to go about, where to start, so they let it be like that. Yes, a dream in a pandoras box.

Yet, there are few who live their dreams, who relentlessly struggle to reach their goals and find ways trying everything possible. I am not telling anything new here. Its universally known but still we tend to forget this simple reality of life. Maybe because we settle with mediocre and easy options. Maybe because its not a life and death scenario to chase the dreams. May be we do not really own/love/fall for our so called dreams.

A lot of people blame it on society, circumstances, lack of opportunities, family, wife, husband, kids, parents, and even their pets. So someone becomes a scapegoat and we are relieved of the responsibility.

So, if you want to live your dream -

1. Stop the habit of blaming it on someone/something

2. Start taking responsibility of your actions, words spoken, decisions taken

3. Start believing in self, believe that if you put in efforts you can win

4. Stop procrastinating, start taking positive action to achieve your dreams

5. Align your thoughts and actions with the goal

6. Make small progress each day/week and review your plan of action regularly

Why do I think dreams are important? Dreams are extensions of ourselves, we look forward of being in better state than present, it is as human to dream as is to breath. Dreams take humans as a race one step further.

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