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Meet [Vai]bhav

Your dream is a dream forever, until you act to make it real.

Vaibhav Gaikwad  (Vai)

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Enthusiast, Human. Motivational speaker.

Great people are not born great but they shape up to become great. If we follow simple straight principles of life we can attain greatness, yet most of us tend to break into mediocrity and choose easy options that lead to a mediocre life. Somehow mediocrity has become the way of life. We are trained to go to school, study, get good marks, get a job, buy a home, marry, raise kids.... so on. And if you do a simple thing of following a passion it somehow disturbs the whole pattern and you are told to correct your course of action relentlessly by people around you. Somehow I have become used to it. I get motivated by such things around and don't tend to give it up. Also I feel an aura of energy when i meet and talk to people, so here I am sharing the stories of motivation with you, to spread the word of greatness. Because I believe - you have greatness inside you.

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