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Startup Jargons. Must know terms for the startup founders

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Hello there. How is it going? Cant deny that the struggle is on, the hustle is on and the things getting from bad to worse and then back in control. Thats relatable with the tribe working with/at startups.

While I speak to budding entrepreneurs, most of the times these jargons come into play. Every place has its slang (or jargons), like at school, at college , at campus, in a gully, a city, etc, that helps them identify with the group / tribe.

So it happens that when you enter this Startup Ecosystem (community) these jargons play an important role to make you part of the tribe. (atleast I feel so. Imagine you are pitching to potential investors and they ask something in this slang, and you are totally unaware of what it means. It happened with me. Yes.)

So here is the list I could put together for you. So next time you know. Or atleast quickly glance thru this page if need be.

Here we go.

This list is not exhaustive, will keep updating as I come across words that need to be listed here.

Want to know more? Thinking of a book that can guide you with all these jargons, here is one I found useful. Have a look.

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